There are certain products that you simply have to have when starting fountain pen restoration.  These staples are what I have decided to initially launch with. The products have been sourced based on my experience and general consensus from the fountain pen community.

All of the latex sacs and diaphragms are sourced from The Pen Sac Company. They fabricate sacs to the original specifications using original equipment.

Ordering / Shipping: Please send your order request to and include your shipping address. An invoice with shipping (cost will be direct Canada Post fees) will be sent out 24-48 hours after receiving your order. All orders will be processed and shipped within 24-48 hours of receiving payment.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping. 

Silicone Sacs & Parker 51 Aerometric Sacs:
We have acquired a very limited lot of silicone sacs and Parker 51 Aerometrics.  For the silicone sacs, sizes are given as the diameter measured in n/64ths, though these are shorter than their latex equivalents.

Both latex and silicone have their respective pros and cons when deciding on which to use.  Most commonly silicone is selected when discoloration of the pen due to off-gassing is a particular concern.

14, 15, 17, 18
Aerometric 51

Single - $2.50

Latex sacs for fountain pens
Latex Sacs:
Sacs sizes are given as the diameter measured in n/64ths.  There are a number of excellent resources addressing appropriate sac sizes.  When in doubt I typically judge sac size based on how it slides in the barrel. If you have any doubt please do not hesitate to ask prior to ordering.

Sizes (Straight):
10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19, 20, 22

Sizes (Necked):
16 1/2 x 2 1/4, 17 1/2 x 2 1/8, 21 1/2 x 2 3/4, 22 1/2 x 2 7/16

Single - $6.80
Bag (5 sacs of one size) - $33
Assorted bag (10 sacs, 1x14, 2x15, 2x16, 2x17, 2x18, 1x20) - $64

Vacumatic Diaphragms
Vacumatic Diaphragms:
The Parker Vacumatic pens use these specific diaphragms as part of their filling system. The sizes correspond to the Vacumatic pens (deb, standard, and oversize).  Note: Vacumatic 51 models and standard Vacumatics of that era use the debutante size.

Debutante, Standard, Oversized

Single - $9.50

Waterman Ink-Vue Diaphragms
Waterman Ink-Vue:
The Waterman Ink-Vue restoration is considered an advanced restoration.  Some early models of the Ink-Vue require sacs other than those provided here and cannot be sourced.  Please verify that you have the correct model prior to ordering.

Standard, Small (Lady Patrician)

Single - $9.50

Sheaffer Pneumatic Kits (Snorkel and Touchdown models)
Everything you need to restore Sheaffer Snorkels or Sheaffer Touchdowns.  These include the sac and required seals for 3 repairs.

When ordering touchdown kits please specify whether you require kits for the TM or the original 1949 "Fat" model.

Snorkel kit for 3 pens - $25.00
Touchdown kit for 3 pens - $21.50

O-Rings for Sheaffer Pneumatic Pens (Touchdown, Snorkel, PFM)
The O-rings are used to seals the touchdown tube at the back of the barrel on both the Touchdown and Snorkel models of pens. It is recommended that when replacing a sac the seals should also be replaced.

We have two sizes: small (Touchdown TM and Snorkel) and large (1949 Touchdown, PFM, and Tuckaways)

Package of 10 - $5.50
Package of 100 - $44

Point seals for Sheaffer Snorkels
One of the seals required for Sheaffer Snorkels. This acts as a seal around the snorkel tube and is located between the nib unit and connector that form the complete section.

We currently only have point seals for snorkels and are working on PFMs.

Package of 10 - $11
Package of 100 - $75

Springs for Sheaffer Pneumatic Fillers
The springs are required for Sheaffer Snorkels and PFMs in order to operate the movement of the snorkel.

Please specify the model of spring when ordering.

Single spring - $7.50

Sac cement or shellac
Sac Cement
Used as an adhesive and sealant to join latex sacs to the nipple on the section. The product is known to be what was used within Sheaffer repair sites.

15 ml bottle w brush applicator - $6.25

100 percent pure talc
100% Pure Talcum Powder
When fitting latex sacs it is advisable to lightly dust the outside of the sac prior to reinserting the section into the barrel.  This minimizes friction and prevents binding.

Additionally when preparing a Vacumatic diaphragm it is good to lightly dust with talc prior to rolling the latex back.

10 ml (~ 0.33 fluid oz) - $2.75

Silicone grease
Silicone Grease
A vital item to have when working on both vintage and modern fountain pens.  Its primary use is as a lubricant for systems relying on vacuum.  This includes restorations of Sheaffer Touchdowns and snorkels as well as the restoration of many piston fillers.

Select modern pens are converted into eye droppers by applying, sometimes with an o-ring, silicone grease along the threads at the section/barrel joint.

This product does have a limited shelf life. Current product expiry - 10/2022

5 ml (~0.17 fluid oz) - $3.25

Rosin Sealant
Rosin sealant is an incredibly sticky product used for a secure yet easily reversible hold, ideally suited for work on Sheaffer PFMs, Snorkels, Parker Vacumatics, and Parker 51s and many others. The reversible hold is the result of the relatively low melt temperature when compared to shellac. Place a very small amount (these small jars are adequate for many many pens) on the threads, heat and screw in the parts. When it is time to separate them simply heat and unscrew.

5 ml (~0.17 fluid oz) - $8.00

Vacumatic lubricant
Vacumatic Lubricant
One of the final steps in the restoration of a Parker Vacumatic is the reinsertion of the filler. In order to seat the diaphragm correctly, it is necessary to lubricate the diaphragm along the zones indicated as orange/brown highlights in the image below.
Lubricated parker vacumatic filler
NOTE: The lubricant should not be poured down a drain.  Instead it should be disposed of responsibly as per local regulations.

15 ml - $10