While the site is still under construction I would like to take a moment to welcome you to Fifteen Pens! A site dedicated to becoming a resource for the Canadian fountain pen community. The site will primarily be the location from which I will be making products available for the fountain pen community.

I have been collecting/hoarding vintage fountain pens for three years, which as you can imagine has resulted in me learning about restoring pens as well. As a Canadian, one issue I have struggled with throughout this trip has been the pain of cross-border shipping when acquiring the supplies required for restoration work.  I myself have relied on American vendors who are all amazing but between the exchange rate, shipping, and complications at customs often resulting in paying excessive prices.
I have decided to deal with the customs and sourcing (locally as best I can) personally in order to be able to provide the typical supplies we all need when working on pens with the goal of providing them at prices that are as reasonable as I can manage.
My product offerings, prices, and the site are all in flux or under construction. Keep checking in to see when we are officially live.